About International Conveyor & Belting Products

   International Conveyor & Belting Products LTD DOOEL is located on Vladimir Nazor 4 Bitola R. Macedonia with company identification number 6752292, registered in the central registrar of RM under business number 30120110065492 on 30.12.2011 as a company formed by foreign capital of which the owner is Mr. Denis Gruevski from Melbourne Australia who as huge enthusiast have formed company in Australia under the name Northern Belting Services PTY and as a truly successful company notes huge positive financial results. He expands his huge enthusiasm in his homeland R. Macedonia, transferring his whole experience to his colleagues from International Conveyor & Belting Products LTD which is working as sister company of the Australian company Northern Belting PTY.

   International Conveyor & Belting Products specialize in:
      - all kinds of transporting conveyors (rubber, PVC etc.)
      - all kinds of rolls for transport systems
      - servicing of all kinds of industrial facilities (gluing and montage)
      - selling of industrial glue for hot and cold vulcanization
      - selling of all products related with transport conveyors and transport systems.

   Our company have huge advantage from having all our products in stock, our services are available 24 hours per day, and are prepared to respond on field to fix any problem right away. We offer to our clients perfect quality and fast support. Our moto is: "the clients should not wait, and they are always right" .
   With such elan we successfully expanded and lead the markets in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia.